My approach

Guiding values

Patience and Persistence inspire my approach to tutoring. My experience as a rock climber and yogi have taught me that the best progress comes with a calm but consistent approach. Answers present themselves when we trust ourselves and problem solve in the face of uncertainty.

Growth is the desired outcome

The student’s growth is the core motivation for these sessions, and this guides my approach from beginning to end.

How to achieve this growth

There are a number of things that are need to ensure a successful student outcome in the context of a tutor-student relationship.

1. Connection

Chemistry is arguably the most important factor in the context of mentorship. It is upmost importance that the tutor acknowledge the student’s unique background, strengths, and struggles in order to best support them. We can schedule a call to determine whether we may be a good fit.

2. Emotional support

These sessions are intended to allow for a transition, which is occurs more quickly when the student develops confidence in themselves. When I meet with students, I place just as much emphasis on emotional support as I do academic support. I accomplish this in ways such as encouraging a growth mindset, leveraging of strengths, and patience.

3. Fostering self-directed learning

When the student begins to recognize their strengths and capacity for resourcefulness, grow more independent. I will always be a resource to them, but I am always thrilled when something clicks and they take ownership of their academic path.

Where do we start?

To get started, you are welcome to reach out by email or by filling out the form found at the bottom of this page. You can explain your needs and expectations for yourself or your child and we will go from there. I propose two options for the structure of this arrangement (outlined below).

1. Hourly tutoring

My hourly rate is $40, primarily to account for the time I invest preparing for each session and (for younger students) communicating with the student’s teacher.

2. On call tutoring

This alternative is inspired by the fact that hourly sessions can have a limited benefit depending on the needs of the student. Older students may prefer to have someone available when the need arises, but may not feel the need for an hour long session. With this option, I am available anytime (within 12-24 hour notice) to meet over zoom. Keep in mind that this works best when I am given as much advance as possible, though I can be available within short notice. This option is $200 per month for up to 8 hours, and $20 for each additional hour.

Final words

I hope you found this introduction helpful. If you need anything clarified, I reply to inquiries within 24 hours. Hope to meet you soon!