About Me


My name is Pascale, I am 28 and I am originally from the USA. I moved to Montreal 4 years ago and have been here sense! My interests are very broad, though some include sports (rock climbing and yoga), drawing, and the medical field. My interest in medicine is what originally inspired me to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Biology in Texas. I am currently transitioning into illustration and conceptual art with the goal of making medical and scientific illustrations, as well as creating educational videos to illustrate scientific concepts.


I support primary students in any subject, secondary students with primarily scientific subjects, and cegep and university students with topics related to biology.


Since obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I have held positions in all phases of medical research, ranging from the laboratory to pre-clinical and clinical research. My knowledge spans this industry, from molecular science to physiology.

Over the years I have also volunteered with many youth organizations, including Sun Youth, Foster a Child to Excel in Society (FACES), Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS), and Young Women in Bio (YWIB). In these roles I have mentored students, coached athletics, organized events, and led an ambassador program.


My motivation to tutor students is quite simple. I enjoy working with kids and teens and I enjoy teaching and mentoring. And, more importantly, I have background experience and knowledge that allows me to help students excel academically.

The goal for secondary and university students is that they recognize their own capacity to be resourceful and take ownership of their path. I am merely here to encourage them by suggesting strategies, promoting a growth mindset, and pointing out strengths that they can leverage now and throughout their lives.

I am ready to face any challenge that might be foolish enough to face me.

Dwight from the Office

For younger students, I aim to make the learning process fun through humour and storytelling. I also strive to nurture their curiosity and creativity by encouraging questions, as well as innovative solutions and ideas.